What are the signs that let you know that your wife doesn’t love you?

Getting into a relationship is a wonderful thing in one’s life period but most of the people fail to solve the major problem arises after getting into the relationship. It may be either recent married couples or couples married many years before, the only thing drive their married life beautiful is their love towards each other.

In many cases this love is taken for doubtful thoughts against one other such as husband would wonder with a doubt that his wife still loves him? In order to find this many men would do some crazy things towards their wife to check their level of love towards them. But in most of the cases all the crazy things would end with miserable situations so men can avoid all these crazy activities.

Now many minds filled with a question how to tell if your wife still loves you? Rather using crazy activities you can find whether your wife loves you or not with their signs.

Various signs that prove your wife do not love you:

There are several signs your wife doesn’t love you this helps you to make judgment and find out reason for cause which makes the work easy to sort out. So here are some of common signs of your wife when lost love on you is listed below.

  • Stop sharing: the relationship became stronger enough only when both husband and wife share their feelings and thoughts to each other which make them committed with responsibility. All of sudden if your wife stops sharing and leaves all responsibility to you then it is first sign.
  • Maintain silence: compared to men women are more talkative in nature in rare case sometimes women won’t feel like talking but if it continues and they remain silent it is an action of silent treatment which one of the sign.
  • Negative approach: often when women are in love they won’t point of negative things towards their partner rather they would try to mingle with them and make them smile. All of sudden if your wife constantly points all your negative bugs and negative habits then this is an action that they don’t like to be with you.

  • No sign of love actions: husband and wife always need a physical connection to express their love towards each other with love actions like hand holding, hugging and kiss. If your wife hesitates to hold your hand or hug you then it is sign of love gone.
  • Do not focus on you: in a healthy relationship the commitment, communication and equality matters for long bond. When your wife stop thinking about you, think in self centered manner and avoid having focus on you or if your wife is not listening to your words all these are serious sign that love is no more.

By knowing all the signs many men can think why doesn’t my wife love me? It is mainly because of actions and feelings are not expressed between them. Marriage should be a balanced one if it fails that lead to end of marriage journey in your life.