How can you really find out if the girl likes you more than a friend?

It is not an easy task for a men to predict that she accepts you as a lovable person that too one step above when compared to her other friends. If you like to predict that then in that place you can check out the signs and the way of approach that she follows to others and you.

Here are few signs she likes you more than friend, they are as follows

  • She would keep on responding to all messages that you send her on anytime.
  • Even she would laugh when you say her simple joke.
  • Whenever she sees you her eyes would dilate and this acts as the best sign for you to understand that she likes you more.
  • You can able to find out a best out change at her dressing style, whenever she comes with you out.
  • She would stop sparing her time with other friends and come and approach you to talk with her always.
  • She would always mirror up your movements.
  • You can able to find a cute smile always pops out from her whenever she spends time along with you.
  • She herself would develop a self interest in which you are crazy about it.
  • She would make a lot of excuses to come forward to talk along with you that too alone.
  • Her attention and care towards you would be one step ahead when compared to others.

she likes you more than friend

What are the other things that you can do to find out your girl likes you more than a friend?

It does not mean that only this much signs are available for you to find out that “girl likes you more than a friend”. There are lots are there you can check out through the preference, the time that she spare along with you and the way of her approach and care that she shows on you.

You can able to find out a lot of difference she would behave more differently towards you. Whenever you post up your photos she would be the first person to like and comment on that.

As well as she would get jealous on you when you spend time with someone other than that you can find out a complete change in her body language, her smile and when you find all such kinds of difference then sure there is no doubt in that she likes you more than her other friends and that proves that she have a special interest and care on you.

Get clarified up to get a clear opinion

Many would have a doubt does my female friend likes me? To get clarified it is not a difficult task there it is required for you to watch up the signs and the behaviour and attitude that she show on you and others. Through comparing this both things sure you can able to analyze whether she likes you or not.